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Our Vegetarian Christmas Eve Dinner.

We received many questions concerning our Vegetarian Christmas eve Dinner. So I am going to share a few recipes with you. Keep in mind that, even though those recipes are vegetarian and are healthier than most holiday dishes, this is a holiday menu and you shouldn’t eat this every day.

Here was the menu :

For our friends from around the world who don’t know the Foie Gras. The foie gras is a famous French dish served as an appetizer during the holidays. It comes from gooses who have been force-fed all their life. So we decided to go with something similar but more ethical ; the Faux Gras (fake-fat) from Gaia. This is a vegan product made from organic and natural ingredients (potatoes, truffles, champagne, spices...) with a taste close to the Foie Gras.

The Spinach dip stuffed pull aprt tree, turned out great ! I do not recommand to eat that often, but as a holiday appetizer, this was delicious.

The main course was lighter and the glazed tofu made a big impression. It looked good and tasted amazing.

Of course, even after eating all those delicious dishes, we still had space for the dessert. I formed the yule log using Lemon and Mango sorbets, over a genoise and topped with Italian meringue. Yummy !!!

And then it was time to go to sleep and wait for Santa...

Merry Christmas to you all.

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