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Marc Sebire is one of top Elite Professional Wrestler in France. With his martial arts background (Judo, JuJitsu and Taekwondo), he created the French Pro Wrestling Strong Style and his company the Tigers Pro Wrestling.

He won many titles in pro wrestling and martial arts too.

 - French Pro Wrestling champion 2004 to 2008

 - Creator of the Tigers Pro Wrestling Strong Style in 2010

 - European Pro Wrestling champion 2010, 2011, 2012

 - FECS European Pro Wrestling champion 2010

 - FFCP Pro Wrestling champion 2013

 - GO Wrestle Tag Team Pro Wrestling Champion 2016 & 2018

 - GO Wrestle Speedweight Pro Wrestling Champion 2017/2018

 - Winner of the Trophy Nicolas Savardel Jiu Jitsu Combat              System 2011

 - 3rd place Essonne Cup Taekwondo WTF 2001

 - 3rd place Ile de France academic championship Taekwondo        WTF 2001

 - 1st Place Viera Florida Sparring Tournament Taekwondo ITF      2017

He is now a successful Personal Trainer in Viera, FL, and still perform in the ring for Go Wrestle in Daytona.

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