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Marine is a mom who started her own body transformation, after going through two emergency C-sections, postpartum depression and caring for her sick son. She researched and got educated on a healthy lifestyle with a holistic approach. 

This is her story :


- 2008 – 2010 : Began Pro Wrestling and became Youth’s                     Pro Wrestling Trainer

- May 2011 : Birth of her first child, Angeal, per emergency c-section   because of a placental abruption.

- February 2013 : Birth of her second child, Zack, per emergency 

  c-section because of a nuchal cord

- March 2013 : Hospitalization and surgery of pyloric stenosis on         Zack

- August 2013 : Hospitalization of Zack for seizures

- September 2013 : Began own body transformation

- January 2014 : Certified and became Personal Trainer

- November 2014 : Moved in Florida, USA

- Since 2014 : Help Parents to lose weight, be fit and healthy

- October 2017 : 1st Place Viera Florida Patterns Tournament               Taekwondo ITF


She is now a successful International Personal Trainer and always try to learn more about health to help her family and her clients.

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